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Our passion is our vocation!

Our Story

Having spent many happy years enjoying the use of our own campervans including summer trips across Europe and winter seasons spent in the Alps Snowboarding/Skiing we decided it was time to take all our knowledge of ‘life in the van’ and convert our own. So in 2009 the Campervan Factory was born and we have gone from strength to strength since, now sourcing, designing and converting the perfect



We chose to specialise in T5/T6 Volkswagen vans as they are known for their reliability, ease of maintenance and are flexibly sized to be both the perfect leisure van and daily run around.


Using our own experience we have designed our conversions to make the best use of space available, while providing a comfortable and practical living space, which can become home from home in minutes.


We enjoy spending time with our Customers and are happy to explain the conversion process and the various accessories that are available.

Due to a wide and established supplier base we can also offer our Customers a choice of materials and finishes which can help them to personalise their own Campervan.


We have a dedicated Team with a wide variety of skill sets including mechanical, electrical, carpentry/joinery and bodywork experts working within our factory. 


We all take great pride in delivering a fully converted campervan which our Customers can immediately drive away to enjoy their first holiday.

Judging by the reviews of our Customers, our Campervans exceed their expectations, however we don’t just take their word for it and still enjoy testing our designs. We can often be found on the open road in the UK or Europe enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors in one

of our vans.

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